Mini Blue

De Italian Job, in Portugal


Coilovers Kit GAZ GOLD with hardness and height adjustment, currently super lowered.

Brake Kit MG Metro Turbo, disks and pads EBC upgraded at the front, drum kit super ventilated and lightweight ultra aluminium 19mm drums upgrade at the back.

Steering gearbox with extra course for a better dynamic driving.

1360cc engine with crankshaft lower course for faster RPM’s, forged pistons, dual adjustable distribution kit, camshaft kit SW5 swiftune for best engine performance, huge valves with short shaft lowered with dual magnesium springs and 1.5.1 roller bearings hammers.

Aluminum intake kit for 2 SU carburetors HS4 with K&N power interior cornet air filters for better performance, large bore maniflow exhaust manifolds for performance and noise. Aldon performance distributor and Pertronix electronic ignition.

Lumenition 8 mm silicone light blue spark plug cable, ultra light engine flywheel for ultra-fast RPM climbings, lighter and reinforced clutch AP Racing, 4 speed straight teeth gear box for extreme fun, very, but very very noisy. In addition to all this, a twin DTM Play Mini Central with two huge outputs to increase the joy of driving … and how could it be without a good electric fan to cool the water circuit, along with an oil cooler.

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