Why Fun Car Rent?

Pimpina - Fun Car RentHiring a car offers you complete independence and flexibility for exploring the countryside of the Alentejo, Extremadura and Andalucía.

Fun Car Rent is the perfect way to explore the landscapes of the Serra de São Mamede National Park, Alto Altentejo and Tagus valley, and to visit beautiful castle-villages like Castelo de Vide, Marvão, Elvas, Portalegre, Alburquerque, and Monsanto. Just across the border in Spain, the spectacular 16th century conquistador towns of Cáceres, Trujillo and Plasencia are a short day-trip away. And some of the best Roman monuments in the world – the theatre and amphitheatre in Mérida, the majestic Roman bridge at Alcántara, the temple and walls of Évora – are all easily driveable.

DolmenBest of all are the opportunities to enjoy the landscapes. We’ll tell you about beauty-spots that most tourists never see: out-of-the-way menhirs and dolmens, the amazing lost castle of Azagala, the views from King Wamba’s tower over the Tagus gorge (Portugal’s Lorelei), vulture colonies on difficult-to-find cliff tops.

In our honest opinion, this is one of the best regions for walks, picnics – and driving! – in Western Europe.

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