Terms and Conditions for Fun Car Rent

a subsidiary of Memória de Records Club

Fun Car Rent reserves the right to modify these terms without notice. With the signing of the rental contract the Renter accepts the General Terms and undertakes to comply with them.

( Motor Club) for Fun Car Rent

Ninho de Empresas de Marvão PV7
7330-215 Stº António das Areias

In accordance with § 6 of the Club Terms, Fun Car Rent car hire is available for Motor Clube members to the following conditions:

1. Rental price:

The rental prices listed in the price list in force. The vehicle is rented with full fuel tank, if the car is returned without a full tank, the renter will be charged the member value of missing fuel and refueling service provided. The lessee member is responsible for all costs related to the use of the vehicle, such as tolls, fines and any other penalties that are inherent to it.

Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent will charge an administrative fee of € 15.00 per case.
Limited to maximum 250km per day.

2. Reserve, admission, devolution and cancellation of reservation:

A deposit of € 25 per booking is required.
The reservation is only valid after receiving the deposit and confirmed by email. On delivery of the car is signed a liability waiver and charged the amount of the rental, less the reservation deposit. The deadline for delivery of the car is 1 hour after the appointed time. Thereafter Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent is not required to hold the reservation. A cancellation made at least 2 days before the rental is free. If cancellation occurs within less than two days time, member of the tenant loses the right to credit or refund of the deposit paid. In case of non payment of the deposit, the cancellation fee due is € 30. The lessee member is obliged to deliver the vehicle at the end of the agreed rental on site of Motor Club / Fun Car Rent during operating hours.

3. Payment:

Along with the rental price is charged a security deposit taking into account the duration of the rental, the price for the type of vehicle, the extra kilometers or any additional services. Upon return of the vehicle final payments will take place.

As security, a deposit that may reach three times the weekly rental amount is required. For high-value vehicles may differ from this deposit. The exact value is determined at the time of delivery, since this value depends on the rented vehicle.
For a rental charged to your credit card via PayPal, the deposit amount is credited to the card in the return of the vehicle. The Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent reserves the right to all costs associated with the rental of the vehicle (see 1. Rental price), including administrative expenses, arising after delivery of the car, will be billed to the renter’s credit card member.

In case of failure to pay the costs of enforcing payment borne by the debtor.

4. Prohibited Use:

A. The tenant member is forbidden to use the vehicle:

  1. To participate in motor sport events, training and testing vehicle safety.
  2. Sealed roads in the road traffic, airport areas, in particular plate and track.
  3. To transport, flammable, toxic or other hazardous substances.
  4. For committing customs offenses or other criminal sanctions, even if these are only punishable by a local law.
  5. To lease to others.
  6. For other uses that go beyond the use for which it was rented.

B. The use of the vehicle is only allowed in Europe:

5. Repairs:

Repairs on the vehicle that may be necessary to ensure the operational and road safety may be executed by the lessee member up to a value of € 40.00. Repairs of higher value shall be accepted only with prior authorization from Motor Club/Fun Car Rent. The repair costs are borne by Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent upon presentation of invoices and provided the tenant is not responsible member of the causes of failure.

6. Authorized drivers / Driver age / Additional driver:

The vehicle can only be driven by the lessee member listed in this disclaimer persons and relatives of the tenant provided that the minimum age of 21 years old and are in possession of a valid driving license at least one year ago.
For drivers under 23 years old, and for each additional driver, an extra fee is charged. The lessee member must, at the request of Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent, to provide the name and address of all drivers of the vehicle.
For special vehicle groups such as Super Sport or Sport Classic the driver is required a minimum age of 30 years old.

Members from countries outside the E.U. must have an international driving license.

7. Acting in case of accidents and other issues:

In case of accident, fire, theft, the renter member must attend the police immediately. This also applies to damage themselves without the involvement of others. The lessee member can not recognize the rights of others. The lessee member must submit in writing, as soon as possible, a detailed report, including an outline, in the case of an accident, even if it is minor damage. The report shall include the names and addresses of all drivers and witnesses, and the registration numbers of the vehicles involved in the accident.

Upon delivery of the vehicle is made available in the form “Friendly Car Accident Declaration”, (“Declaração Amigável de Acidente Automóvel”).

8. Member responsibility / Tenant:

  1. Accidental damage, loss, theft or misuse of the vehicle, as well as non-compliance with the obligations set out in paragraphs. Paragraphs 4, 6 and 7 of this disclaimer conditions, the lessee member is accountable to the Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent the cost of repair and in case of total loss, the value of its replacement, less any residual value or scrap. In addition, the tenant is also responsible for any damages, including loss of value, towing costs, expert fees and administrative fees. The lessee member does not respond for any damage when he or the driver is exempt from blame.
  2. The liability covered by the insurance and deposit franchise, does not relieve the lessee to comply with the conditions imposed by paragraphs 4, 6 and 7 of this disclaimer. The renter is fully liable for willful breach of its obligations, in particular, for damages caused by an unauthorized driver or for a forbidden purpose as provided in paragraphs 4:06 respectively. Intentional escape in case of accident or breach of the obligations of the conditions stipulated in paragraph 7, the lessee member is also fully liable, unless the breach has no influence on the determination of damages. Event of a breach by gross negligence of an obligation under this disclaimer renter member will be liable to the severity corresponding to it. Also, the renter is fully liable for damage caused intentionally. If the damage is caused by gross negligence, the tenant is liable for member seriousness of the offense.
  3. Everything else is regulated by local laws.

9. Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent liability:

Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent responsibility for breach of their obligations is limited proof intention or gross negligence, including intent or gross negligence of its employees.

10. Liability Insurance / Insurance:

The vehicle has a liability insurance coverage in the amount of € 6,000,000.00 and green card to the countries mentioned in it.
This liability insurance can be individually changed the established franchise by Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent. In case of breaking the car glas window it is not included and can also be insured with a supplement in the rental price.

11. Roadside Assistance:

The roadside assistance is included in our vehicle’s liability insurance. Details can be obtained at Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent.

12. Prescription:

If the police took account of an occurrence, in the case of an accident, the Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent rights to the damages payable by a lessee member, is required only when the Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent have access to the occurring process. The limitation period shall begin to run no later than six months after the return of the vehicle. Once you have access to the file prepared by the police occurrence Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent is obliged to report immediately to the tenant member, theaccess date to the file.

13. Jurisdiction:

To resolve any dispute emergent from the vehicle’s rental, those involved in, agree that the jurisdiction of the courts are the Districts of Castelo de Vide and Portalegre.

For more information, please feel free to contact Motor Clube’s Fun Car Rent