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Holidays are a time when you deserve to enjoy yourself. They are a personal gift to yourself for your hard work. So you rent classy accommodation. You visit beautiful landscapes and cities. You eat in swanky restaurants.
In short, quality time.
So why, when you rent a holiday car, do you usually accept a poor, sub-standard experience? Why do you usually hire a character-free, cheap rental car? A car that smells of plastic. You sit behind a plastic wheel. You stare at a plastic dashboard. You feel like you’re driving Tupperware.
Luckily, in Portugal there is now an alternative: Fun Car Rent.

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Car rental – Why?

Firstly, one is with a rental car in both time and locally completely independent and flexible and can explore the resort entirely on their own. You can visit the local sights of interest from Portalegre, Castelo de Vide and Marvão or more distant attractions of the Parque Natural da Serra de São Mamede, or even Spain is to reach easily and quickly.
Moreover, you are independent of tourist routes and you can stop on lovely places or wherever you want to enjoy environment and nature.

Why Fun Car Rent?

Serra de São Mamede

This unique nature reserve was established in 1989 and is one of the most interesting examples of the biological diversity of the country. The Serra reaches a height of 1025 meters and connects the de Alentejo countryside backdrop to the lush grounds of the northern regions of Portugal. It is a perfect habitat for a rich flora and fauna. Chestnut trees, oaks, vineyards and olive groves and wild fox, wild boar, hawks and Europe’s largest bat colony are some of the surprises you may discover during your visit here.

Serra de São Mamede

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Fun Car Rent a subsidiary of Memória de Records Club. Visit our shop. Join the Motor Club and enjoy the benefits of membership.

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